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Advantages and Disadvantages of Stump Grinding and Removal Process

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If you are cutting down some trees on your residential or commercial property and do not know what to do with its stump, then you came to the right place. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of stump grinding can certainly allow to you make a more detailed and informed decision regarding with this common landscaping problem. Below, you will be able to learn the common pros and cons of stump grinding.  

 Stump Grinding

Pro # 1: Stump Grinding is Efficient and Quick  

If usually takes only a few hours to cut down a single tree in a property, and this certain work is required whenever age, disease, or storm damage hits your tree. Furthermore, stump removal presents a wide variety of options that are often ranging from chemical application to stump grinding or even using an old stump and incorporate it into your own commercial or residential landscape design. In addition to that, applying certain chemicals to an existing tree stump can take time and the right process usually requires regular work and attention by residential and commercial property owners over several months or even years.  

On the other hand, when stump grinding removal process is done by an experienced and truly reputable professional tree service company, the process will certainly be done in a quick, safe, and effective manner. As a matter of fact, when you hire a professional to remove the stump on your property, it will only take a few hours and the result will be surely efficient, leaving only some pile of useful sawdust or wood chips behind.  

Con # 1: You Need to Invest  

Hiring a professional and experienced tree stump grinding service provider does cost more compared to many chemical solutions offered on the market because of the efficiency, speed and professionalism being offered. This is the reason why the moment you hire a professional and experienced stump removal contractor for your residential or commercial property, you should consider this as an important investment in your entire landscape and you should also bear in mind that hiring a professional can result in an ideal residential landscaping for you and your family’s safety and enjoyment.    

Pro # 2: Environmentally Wise  

Professional stump grinding contractors actually use industry grade and state of the art materials and equipment in order to tackle tree stumps of any size as well as reduce them to a useful pile of wood chips without creating any disturbance to the surrounding residential or commercial landscaping. As a matter of fact, applying chemical-based products to the area or leaving an old stump to rot can possibly result in the introduction of tree diseases as well as other unwanted elements into your residential or commercial property.  

Con # 2: It Can Be a Messy Process  

Doing the stump grinding on your own can really be a messy process. Fortunately, hiring a local and professional tree service provider to do the stump grinding service is the best way in order to limit any mess that might take place during the stump grinding and removal process.  



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12 Basic Plumbing Supplies You Should Have at Home

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If you have been living in your house for quite a long time now, then you must have dealt with numerous plumbing problems like dripping faucets, clogged sinks, leaky pipes and plugged-up toilets. Plumbing problems always happen especially if the underlying problems have been there for long time.  

Plumbing Supplies 

You can call for a plumber for every problem you have but for other people it’s too time consuming and expensive. There are problems you can fix yourself with the right tools, all you have to do is know what these are and its proper used. Dayton sewer and drain provides you with the list of plumbing supplies you should have at your home.  

Propane Torch  

You will need this if you’re going to sweat fittings and copper pipe. Prepare at least $30 or more for a self-igniting torch. This is more convenient to use than matches or strikers.  


You will be using hacksaw for cutting through hardware, metal pipe, plastic pipe, nuts and bolts. Keep extra blades just in case one gives up. You can purchase this saw at hardware store for $15 or more.  

Tongue-and-Groove Pliers 

This is popularly known as Channellocks. When you need to pull, grab, hold, twist, loosen or tighten anything this is the first tool you’re going to grab. Purchase both the 10-in size and 12-in size.  

Basin Wrench  

This tool holds the sink faucets in place and tightens or loosens nuts. Its swiveling jaw and long shaft can reach up into narrow and deep space and lock onto the nuts.  

Metal File  

You will need this tool for removing burrs and smoothing the edges of metal pipes after you cut it. Purchase the two files: the rat-tail file and half-round file.  

Pipe Wrench  

These are heavy and large wrenches which are used to loosed and tighten threaded fittings, pipes and nuts. There are 2 pipe wrenches, one for gripping and holding and for turning.  

Adjustable Wrench  

You will need an adjustable wrench for working on supply lines, compression fittings and other plumbing parts. When you buy one, make sure that the moving jaw holds a firm setting so it doesn’t slip loose. Get the 6-inc size and 10-in size.  

Hand Auger  

Hand auger is called as plumber’s snake. You use this when the plunger can’t clear the clogs. It has a 25 feet long flexible steel cable which is effective for clearing obstructions from showers, tubs, toilets, sinks and drain lines.  

Tubing Cutter 

You will need this tool to cut copper pipe in clean and quick way. Purchase both the close-quarter minicutter and standard-size tubing cutter.  

Closet Auger 

This is another clog-clearing tool designed for toilets. It has long steel cable that grinds through stubborn clogs.  


Plunger is popularly called as the plumber’s best friend. When you dislodge clogs from tubs, sinks, floor drains, showers and toilets, this is the first tool you’re going to grab.  

Fire-Resistant Cloth 

This cloth is used to protect combustible surface from open-fame propane torch. Just in case things go wrong, keep a fire extinguisher too.  


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