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What to Expect from Microblading

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If what you want is a permanent makeup, more particularly a pair of well-made eyebrows, then what you need is 3D microblading. This procedure is fairly simple and it is practically non-invasive. Think of microblading as getting an eyebrow tattoo, only better.

Microblading follows the same principles as brow tattooing but it uses modern tools and techniques. For starters, a manual hand tool that consists of very fine needles formed as a blade is used. Such tool is used to deposit the ink or pigment in the eyebrows but only on the superficial layer of the skin. It means that it isn’t as deep as a tattoo, so it shouldn’t be as painful.

How Is Microblading Performed?

There are several steps for microblading and it’s what you have to undergo if you want to get the perfect pair of brows. These two steps are usually performed four to six weeks apart. Here are the usual steps performed when undergoing microblading:

1. Consultation

What will happen here is a consultation session wherein you tell the aesthetician the shape and shade of the brow that you want. This is the first step to the microblading process. You have to be satisfied with the outcome of this stage before continuing on with the others.

2. Tracing

Once those are settled, then the aesthetician will start plotting the shape that you want on your eyebrows. The shape will traced over each side of the brows and it will serve as the guide when the pigment will be applied.

3. Inking

When all the preparations have been done, then the inking starts. This is assuming that a numbing cream has been applied on your brows an hour prior to the procedure. Doing so will reduce the tingling sensation that you’ll feel during the inking process. The actual microblading procedure usually takes two to three hours to complete.

4. Touch-up

After the third step, your brows should be perfect and you’re allowed to go home. This fourth step won’t happen until it has been at least a month after the initial microblading process. Also referred to as the touch-up process, this would take about an hour or so. Be sure to visit the same aesthetic center that you went to because they are the ones that should perform this process. So before you step out of their office the first time, know the schedule for the touch up, put it in your calendar, and don’t miss it.

These are the steps that are involved in the microblading process and it’s clear to see that there’s nothing complicated about it. There shouldn’t be any problem about this non-invasive and almost not painful procedure that would change not just the look of your brows but your confidence level as well.

So if you’re ready for microblading, look for an aesthetic center near you that offers this service. You have to make sure that the aesthetician you’ll work with is certified, licensed, well-trained, and experienced. That’s your guarantee that you’ll get the best possible results.

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